Wednesday, November 28, 2007 extraordinary afternoon with Mr. Fire.. was the 27th of October 2007 Tuesday..
..everything seemed normal when i woke up in the morning..
..i got up..
..fixed my bed..
..took a bath..
..and then fixed myself..

..first class: Environmental Science 10 08:30-10:00H MILC..
..ES class with Prof. Tayo..
..we talked about the soil..
..the environment..
..and all others..
..just the usual thing.. the way, MILC means Miag-ao Interactive Learning Center..'s in UP Visayas, where i study..
..and take note, it's UP Visayas and not anymore UP in the Visayas..
..well, just wanted you guys to know..

..second class: Humanities 1 10:00-11:30H Rm. 201 CAS AV Room..
..hum class with Ma'am Sumagaysay..
..we finished watching the movie "Girl With A Pearl Earing"..
..we weren't able to finish viewing it the last time we held class..
..anyways, still the usual thing..

..third class: Chemistry 11 Lecture 11:30-13:00H Rm. 203..
..chem lec class with Sir Martizano..
..we discussed about atoms and molecules..
..and nomenclature as well..
..for the third time, still the usual thing..

..fourth and last class: Chemistry 11 Laboratory 13:00-16:00H B6..
..chem lab class with Ma'am Tabares.. this was where things started to HEAT UP..
..literally speaking.. was just the normal scene..
..we were having our experiment no. 2..
..which was on Physical and Chemical Changes.. the middle of the experiment..
..i asked my groupmate Pia..
.."Pi gamiton mo pa ang bunsen burner kay patyon ko nah?"..
..then she said she still needs it 'coz she still had to heat something..
..and so..
..i continued reading the manual to check if there were still things to be done..
..when all of a sudden.. was roaring on my left side..
..imagine me positioned a little to the right of the gas source in the lab..
..the gas source was where we connected the rubber tubing for us to be able to use the Bunsen burner..
..i don't know what its exact name is..

..but before that..
..a little background first.. the beginning of the semester, we were asked to bring some materials needed for the lab.. of those was a rubber tubing 2 feet long and having a 1 centimeter diameter..
..since i was absent on the first meeting..
..what i was able to buy was a rubber tubing 2 feet long but only 1/2 centimeter in diameter..
..take note..
..i didn't know the specifications back then so i bought the wrong one..

..back to the future.. was not really a problem since the rubber tubing was elastic..
..and we thought "why not just stretch it 'til it fits the burner's gas input and the gas source?"..
..we were able to do it and things went fine in the first meeting..
..but on the second meeting.. was a different story.. i've said.. was ROARING to my left..
..and i felt the heat..
..i really did..
..(as what Ma'am Tabares said)..
..i quickly turned the gas off..
..and the ROARING fire ceased..
..good for me the ROARING fire didn't catch my hair.. was only later that we realized that..
..the rubber tubing slipped off the gas source..
..which caused the gas to be directed towards the flame of the burner..
..just before the burner went out..
..and that was where the ROARING fire came from.. amazing..
..that experience was truly one of a kind..

..after that fateful day..
..i have learned a lot of things..
..FIRST..'s always best to follow what the teacher is saying and comply to whatever it is..
..i am very lucky my hair was not caught by the ROARING fire..
..God is good all the time..
..THIRD.. pays to have presence of mind..
..hey maybe it isn't my time yet to have a one-on-one duel with Mr. Fire..
..the best things in life are definitely free..
..SIXTH..'s about time we replace the rubber tubing..
..and SEVENTH..
..i think i should get a haircut as soon as possible.. was a good thing that despite my already long hair.. was still able to evade and protect itself from Mr. Fire..

..and this is where it all ends..
..peace out..


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PisayWV said...

COOL shot! yeah, we used to do that too... but not on accident... you know... Curiosity. Hehe. That was nice experience though.