Tuesday, February 23, 2010

one box. one corner.

So, another web making project. This time, this is business. ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

..one extraordinary afternoon with Mr. Fire..

..it was the 27th of October 2007 Tuesday..
..everything seemed normal when i woke up in the morning..
..i got up..
..fixed my bed..
..took a bath..
..and then fixed myself..

..first class: Environmental Science 10 08:30-10:00H MILC..
..ES class with Prof. Tayo..
..we talked about the soil..
..the environment..
..and all others..
..just the usual thing..
..by the way, MILC means Miag-ao Interactive Learning Center..
..it's in UP Visayas, where i study..
..and take note, it's UP Visayas and not anymore UP in the Visayas..
..well, just wanted you guys to know..

..second class: Humanities 1 10:00-11:30H Rm. 201 CAS AV Room..
..hum class with Ma'am Sumagaysay..
..we finished watching the movie "Girl With A Pearl Earing"..
..we weren't able to finish viewing it the last time we held class..
..anyways, still the usual thing..

..third class: Chemistry 11 Lecture 11:30-13:00H Rm. 203..
..chem lec class with Sir Martizano..
..we discussed about atoms and molecules..
..and nomenclature as well..
..for the third time, still the usual thing..

..fourth and last class: Chemistry 11 Laboratory 13:00-16:00H B6..
..chem lab class with Ma'am Tabares..
..now this was where things started to HEAT UP..
..literally speaking..
..it was just the normal scene..
..we were having our experiment no. 2..
..which was on Physical and Chemical Changes..
..in the middle of the experiment..
..i asked my groupmate Pia..
.."Pi gamiton mo pa ang bunsen burner kay patyon ko nah?"..
..then she said she still needs it 'coz she still had to heat something..
..and so..
..i continued reading the manual to check if there were still things to be done..
..when all of a sudden..
..fire was roaring on my left side..
..imagine me positioned a little to the right of the gas source in the lab..
..the gas source was where we connected the rubber tubing for us to be able to use the Bunsen burner..
..i don't know what its exact name is..

..but before that..
..a little background first..
..at the beginning of the semester, we were asked to bring some materials needed for the lab..
..one of those was a rubber tubing 2 feet long and having a 1 centimeter diameter..
..since i was absent on the first meeting..
..what i was able to buy was a rubber tubing 2 feet long but only 1/2 centimeter in diameter..
..take note..
..i didn't know the specifications back then so i bought the wrong one..

..back to the future..
..it was not really a problem since the rubber tubing was elastic..
..and we thought "why not just stretch it 'til it fits the burner's gas input and the gas source?"..
..we were able to do it and things went fine in the first meeting..
..but on the second meeting..
..it was a different story..

..as i've said..
..fire was ROARING to my left..
..and i felt the heat..
..i really did..
..(as what Ma'am Tabares said)..
..i quickly turned the gas off..
..and the ROARING fire ceased..
..good for me the ROARING fire didn't catch my hair..

..it was only later that we realized that..
..the rubber tubing slipped off the gas source..
..which caused the gas to be directed towards the flame of the burner..
..just before the burner went out..
..and that was where the ROARING fire came from..
..how amazing..
..that experience was truly one of a kind..

..after that fateful day..
..i have learned a lot of things..
..it's always best to follow what the teacher is saying and comply to whatever it is..
..i am very lucky my hair was not caught by the ROARING fire..
..God is good all the time..
..it pays to have presence of mind..
..hey maybe it isn't my time yet to have a one-on-one duel with Mr. Fire..
..the best things in life are definitely free..
..it's about time we replace the rubber tubing..
..and SEVENTH..
..i think i should get a haircut as soon as possible..
..it was a good thing that despite my already long hair..
..it was still able to evade and protect itself from Mr. Fire..

..and this is where it all ends..
..peace out..


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hi Sir Maj !

Hi Sir !

Budlay sir ang quarter exam!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Goodbye Message to the Fourth Years

This message was made into a "bonus" (2 pts) to the last chemistry exam of Chem 3 students.:

When Bonuses ARE Bonuses

Hi little ones. Many of you might be uncomfortable to be called “little ones”. Yet I have learned that in order to grow, you need to be little. Big people no longer grow. They truly miss a lot in being such.
I took the time to write you this little thing because this will be the last time that I’ll be able to communicate with most of you people. I have enjoyed being around with you. Learned a few more things.
Now, however, it’s time to go. You will have to go each one your own roads. College is a life very different. Yet, like high school, college is an institution where you learn, pass, then finally, leave. Where do you go next? A rather simple but deep question.
You see, where you go, or how far you go, it is all up to you. Many people choose to be contented. “Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we are to die.” Different from this cheap idea, many have found something better. Like, “Make a family and serve them well. Make your children grow into responsible adults.” Still others find something much better. “Change the world. Make an imprint. Be a good leader, or be a great scientist.” And a much few more may find something more worthwhile than that. The point is, where you go, or how far you go, it is all up to you.
If you’d like to stop, that will be your decision. If you want to move on here’s a few tips. First, you need to be humble and smart in order to know the right way. Then you’ll need to be strong and brave. Because knowing which way to go is not enough. What is more difficult, is to walk in that way. Be courageous. Many whom I knew stopped not because they want to stop nor because they don’t know what to do, but because they lacked the determination to go on.
Last words, last words. I hope you’ll find a nice place to go.

Bon Voyage!

So what’s the bonus?
Here’s free space for you. Write any you’d like. This is the real bonus.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

hahahaha! lapit na lang march!

ei sir....

musta na?


lapit na lang sir march...huhuhu...lapit na lang graduation....

daw nd ko pa gni gusto maghalin sa pisay.....

pero i cannot do anything....

qtr exams na next week....

cge lang ah....


la lang....

la lng ko ubrahon.....

cge sir ah.....

see yah n skul n lang....

mACh freak

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bored? Why not solve this nice problem?

I got this problem from TinTin (aka Jamjam) hehe (she hates it when I call her jamjam).

Divide $114 (in whole $ increments) into a number of bags so that I can ask for any amount between $1 and $114, and you can give me the proper amount by giving me a certain number of these bags without opening them. What is the minimum number of bags you will require?

Try this frog leap. Fun!

I received this mail from a friend. Nice.

Try to exchange position of the frogs. Frogs can walk to the other stone or jump over one frog. No turning back. There is a solution. Enjoy.
Btw, Please use Firefox for full view.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Format for Final Report on Integrated Science Research

To begin with, even in formal papers the is no one set of standard way for writing. Writing Scientific papers has evolved over time and currently new conventions are being established. For your Integrated Science writing, we certainly do not expect you to write these kind of scientific papers. Instead the conventions written in here will be for the sake of making a uniform format for all the research papers that will be passed. What you learn here is this: When you later write real scientific papers, you must closely follow the rules that journals require – and they vary from one to the other. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_journal

The Format for your report:

ü Font face: Arial Font size: 11pt Paragraph spacing: 1.5 lines

ü No font will be larger than 11pt.

ü You can decide for the heading type of your report, but do not exceed 11pt font size. You may choose to format it among or the combination of the following: All Caps, Bold, Italics, Underlined.

ü No other color for fonts but black.

ü First line indent at 0.5 inches (this is the default tab stop for most typing editors)

The Structure of the report:

v Title page — This is the front page of your report. All Entries here are centered. It contains these lines:


A High School Investigative Research

Presented to

Majal Abe B. Mirasol

Philippine Science High SchoolWestern Visayas

Jaro, Iloilo City

In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Subject of

Integrated Science

Your Name(s)

January 2007

Download Picture

v Part I Introduction — This is the introduction to your study. You give a little background on what your study is all about. You will place here what you’ve learned from you readings. It will contain this important aspect:

Ø Objectives and Significance of the study — state clearly why you studied this particular subject and why you feel that it is important to do so.

Ø Why Interested? — You state here why this particular topic interests you.

v Part II Methods — Here is where you will show the detailed procedure that you followed during the study. Included herein are your independent, dependent, and controlled variables. You may include drawings.

v Part III Results — Here is where you will consolidate your data into tables. Did you remember the raw data that you passed? This time you will show only the average value of data that belong to a single set or group of trials. Example, if you have three plants in box A, you will not show the, say, height of all three, but will report their average height. Try to make your tables clean and easy to read. Label all the tables well, that means that you have to make Title and a short explanation about the table before putting that table on the page. It is really good to have some graphs showing your data. Do this if you are able

v Part IV Analysis — This is the difficult part, and this is the one I’ll focus on when giving you your grades for this paper. Try to explain what happened, why you data looked like that. And make sure to have a very nice explanation. You will be questioned by the judges, your classmates, and me regarding these explanations. It take a lot of research in order to have a nice reason for what really happened. This is good for you. You will start to know how to find out information on your own and will learn a lot of new things in the process.

That’s it. This is how your paper will look like when you arrive back here on Jan 8, 2007. if you find doing this a little difficult, ask for help from someone, BUT never make that someone do everything while you just sit down and relax. You will miss the real purpose of why this is done in the first place: for YOU to learn Scientific Writing — something that you will do in the near future. So enjoy while you learn.

I'll give you the chance to see my thesis. Hope you learn something from it. Here's the link. (Link removed Feb. 23, 2010.)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A mATh ppt Christian B gave me

Download this if your bored enough and wanted to have a little laugh. Caution: This product contains calculus and may not work for the not so mathematical!


Sunday, December 03, 2006

SIr Maj...

Sir mangkut lang ko kung san-o mo i-post ang mid-quarter grades namun.

Just curious.....